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Why is Charleston named the Holy City?

October 18, 20221 min read

“It is legend as to why Charleston is called the Holy City, but the fact that it has one of the highest concentrations of churches in America is not.” - Karen McDaniel

What is in a name?

Ever wonder WHY Charleston is called, “The Holy City”?

Interestingly, it isn’t because of the number of churches on our peninsular town. It was because of freedom that He set men free. Liberty is the pursuit of FREEDOM to worship as one chooses. Not bound by any institution or the will of man, but as one Holy unto the L-rd.

And so Charleston established its initial charter with a clause of religious freedom. Vanguard in their day, today we are as cosmopolitan as any city.  A world where black men and white men, slaves and free, Gentiles and Jews and everything in-between, lived together on a tiny peninsula isolated from the rest of society. Unity is the word when all you have is each other. And so Charleston mellowed over time.

This is the world I know. There is no division. There is no anger. Here there is kindness, tradition, respect and deference, which is what we call hospitality and brotherly love.

Come visit our little city of love, experience it and take a slice of it home with you too.

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The Heart Gates at St. John's Reformed Episcopal by Philip Simmons.
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