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Charleston Day Trips

November 28, 20231 min read

Last time I was day tripping, the folks in Savannah only had one question; Was the food better down here or in Charleston? The only answer to that question is to go!” - Karen McDaniel

Sister Port Cities: Savannah and Georgetown

If you've ever taken a trip down the S.C. coastline, you know what a treat it can be to view the beautiful lands we lovingly call "The Lowcountry". From Georgetown to Savannah, one can experience all the water has to offer in places that are quite remote. These "hidden gems" allow you to get a glimpse of Charleston past, as you experience not only "The City", as it was known, but the countryside too.

8 Reasons

There are SO many sights to see, foods to explore and views to adore on these day trips across the Lowcountry of S.C. Let us curate a special trip for you, as we explore more of why folks here say, "there's no place like home!" Let Lowcountry History Strolls take you to visit our special places where history lives!

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